Arthur diener


  • Place of birth: Kirkland, Wa
  • Year began at Christ's Church: 2012
  • Family info: My wife, Sarah, and I were married December 2012 and have two kids, Judah & Clara.
  • Education: Currently working on a degree in Biblical Studies

Personal Testimony: The Bible, church, and the gospel were a big part of my upbringing and I gave my life to the Lord when I was young. It was not long that my faith was tested and in high school I was challenged with making my faith truly my own. I dove into God’s Word in a new way and found a richness in my relationship with the Lord I had never experienced.

Ministry Passion(s): Working with kids! I love leading kids to discovering God’s truth for themselves, asking questions and watching the “light-bulb” turn on as they grasp God’s truth!

Hobbies/Leisure Time activities: I love reading, tinkering with computers and electronics, playing music, and cooking.

What makes me sad? glad? mad? 

  • Sad: It makes me sad when people believe the Gospel of Christ but fail in living out the life of joy that comes with being a hard-working, servant of God.  
  • Glad: Laughing with my wife and kids!
  • Mad: Mistreatment of children.


  • Book(s): Shepherding a Child’s Heart by Paul Tripp and classic literature. 
  • Book of the Bible: Colossians
  • Childhood memory: Growing up in a big family was full of adventures, too many fun memories to count (or decide on just one favorite)!
  • Food(s)/Snack(s)/beverage:  Food:  Pizza; Snack:  Tim’s jalapeno chips; Drinks: Mexican Coke
  • Music/Musician: I am a big fan of indie/folk music, lately I really like The Rend Collective
  • Movie(s):  I am a sucker for sci-fi or classic action
  • TV show: Star Trek (the original series)
  • Sports & SportsTeam(s): Seattle teams! And UW
  • Northwest Get-away: If Victoria BC counts, otherwise Ocean Shores
  • Local Restaurant: Los Bigotes De Villa!