Warehouse: 1st-5th Grade

When kids come to the Warehouse they are instantly drawn in by fun games and activities to enjoy before we all join together for a praise and worship time which is full of kid energy and truths about God. The rest of our time is spent learning straight from the Bible. We use the Scriptures, we discuss together in small groups, we pray for each other, and we head home with a clear understanding at the end of the morning. We encourage you to challenge your child about what they discovered from the Bible today.

Our weekly offering goes to a special project that assists one of the missionaries we support here at Christ's Church. Some projects are one month, some are three months. Each project assists children somewhere in another part of the world.

We use the KidCheck program to keep our kids secure. You can pre-register your child(ren) here so you're ready for Sunday: https://go.kidcheck.com (click on “I am a parent and want to create a free account.”)