Rusty & Dana Tyack
Reality Sports

Rusty & Dana Tyack have been married for 17 years and have two boys, Tyler and Bradley. The Tyack family has attended Christ’s Church since 2003 and have been members since 2006. They have served in AWANA, Worship Arts, and currently their family serves in the Christ’s Church “Life Care Nursing Home” ministry.

Rusty has served as a Chaplain with Racers For Christ, and a youth leader both at Northwest Church in Federal Way and Evangelical Free Church in North Tacoma. When an offer to join Reality Sports was put before them in September 2009, and after prayer and time in the Word, Rusty left full-time employment and stepped into the mission field as the Director of Martial Arts for Reality Sports Foundation. In this full-time position, Rusty uses the platform of martial arts training to reach kids, teens and adults with the gospel of Jesus Christ in the surrounding communities. Each week Rusty conducts 8-10 martial arts classes, one-on-one discipleship, private lessons, discipleship with special needs students, Puyallup After-School program, and weekend seminars for churches and communities for the cost of a donation. The Lord uses this “donation only” platform to attract students and families from all economic backgrounds. He is committed to boldly presenting the Word of God, and the gospel in its fullness at each of these workouts.

Rusty has the unique opportunity to meet with these students and families all year long, with his focus on equipping and discipling so that these students and families are able to go out and make more disciples of Jesus Christ. The gospel has been presented over 420 times in the last 12 months. Many athletes and students have professed Jesus as Lord and Savior, and many disciples have been trained up and continue to be trained.

The Mission of Reality Sports Foundation is to share the life-changing message of the gospel with athletes and families, and to make “disciplers” of Jesus Christ. In order to attract athletes and families, they offer elite level coaching and instruction in Baseball, Wrestling, Basketball, Tennis, Soccer, Outdoors/Hiking and Martial Arts.