Always REady  |  APOLOGETICs conference

January 3, 2016 A special thanks to Charlie campbell with always be ready ministries

Apologist Charlie Campbell will be equipping us to better engage our culture. Topics will include:

  • Is God’s Book Really Reliable? (Part 1: 9 & 11 am)

  • Answering Skeptics Top Ten Questions (Part 2: 5:30PM)

  • Understanding & Ministering to Muslims (Part 3: 7:00PM)

The sermon video will be posted until January 17. You may listen to the audio on the topical sermon page. The audio will be available.

Part 1: Sunday AM: Is God's Book Really Reliable?

Part 2: Answering Skeptics Top Ten Questions

Charlie Campbell is a follower of Jesus, a husband to his wife Anastasia, a father to his five children, the Director of the Always Be Ready Apologetics Ministry, an author, and a popular guest teacher at churches and conferences around North America where he addresses numerous issues related to the defense of the Christian faith. Prior to his current role, he was an instructor at the Calvary Chapel Bible College in Murrieta, California, and the Director of the School of Ministry at Calvary Chapel in the city of Vista where he taught courses on apologetics, world religions and cults, systematic theology, eschatology, church history, hermeneutics, homiletics, and evangelism (1997-2005). His books and DVDs have been endorsed by Norman Geisler, Charles Colson, Ed Hindson, Chuck Smith, Jeremy Camp, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and others.