Ben Hays

worship Arts Director

Meet Ben:

  • Place of Birth: Johnson City, Tennessee

  • Year you began at CCFW: 2017

  • Family Info : I'm unmarried, but my parents and two younger brothers live just outside of Chicago.

  • Education: B.A. in Communications from Moody Bible Institute (Class of 2017)

Personal Testimony: I was born into a missionary family, and accepted Christ at a young age. After a few years on mission in Guatemala, and a few more in Florida, God called my family to the Midwest, where a local youth pastor inspired me to really make my faith my own and to serve Christ in vocational ministry. During that time, I also learned how to play the guitar and developed a musical talent that I have been using to lead worship for over 8 years now. At the end of my high school career, God called me to study at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, where I cut my teeth as a worship leader working at a megachurch in the downtown area. God used that experience to lead me to CCFW, where I now joyfully and faithfully serve. God has worked miracles in my life, consistently turning moments of grief, panic, and doubt into life transforming experiences. As a result, I now live to serve my King, using whatever meager talents I’ve been given to worship Him, minister to His body, and serve for His glory.

Ministry Passion?: I see my primary responsibility to be serving and working with people, so I absolutely love to enable gifted men, women, and children to serve their local body for the furthering of the Gospel and Kingdom of Christ.

Hobbies, Leisure Time activities: I love to write and record original music when I can, but I also love to do creative writing (I would love to someday write a children's book)! I also draw a bit, but I'll admit to being pretty bad at it! I love hiking and exploring new areas, so the Pacific Northwest is an amazing place to call home!

Kodak Moment:: Watching a hardened former gang leader become a follower of Jesus before my eyes.

What makes you sad, mad, glad?

  • Sad?: A lack of authenticity.

  • Glad?: Hearing a room full of people declaring their unwavering dependence on God through music.

  • Mad?: Hearing people sing the words "sloppy wet kiss" in How He Loves. Only kidding... kind of!


  • BOOK(s): The Divine Comedy (Dante Alighieri), Atlas Shrugged (Ayn Rand), Radical (David Platt), Folly Grace and Power (John Koessler)

  • Book of the Bible: James - I think it's one of the most practical books on dealing with every day struggles (temptation, trials, etc.)

  • Childhood Memory: When I was a around 10 years old my family was living in Florida. My parents came into my room VERY early on a Saturday morning and told me that we were going to Islands of Adventure, and I was so excited. It was one of the best weekends of my life.

  • Food/Snack/Beverage: I love italian and seafood, Little Debbie snacks are always my favorite, and I'm a huge fan Herbert's lemonade!

  • Music/Musician: I grew up on alt rock and punk rock, but my family listened to country, so I grew up loving both of those worlds! Anyone that can shred on a guitar is good by me, regardless of genre.

  • Movie(s): Back to the Future 1, 3, and 2 (in that order)!

  • TV Show: Leverage

  • Sport/Sports Team(s): While I've never been a huge sports guy, I grew up watching/playing baseball. My family consists of diehard White Sox fans, but the Mariners seem pretty cool too I guess :)

  • NW Getaway: Alki Beach

  • Local Restaurant: Anthony's HomePort