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Debunking Stupid Statements about the Bible and its Transmission (Greg Gilbert) 

Can we know what the original 'Bible' said? Is the gap between the originals and our first copies of them too long? Can we deduce with a high degree of historical confidence, what John, Luke, Paul, and the other writers of the New Testament actually wrote? This article explains the answers to these questions and more.

World Magazine responds to Ann Coulter’s Accusations (J.C. Derrick) 

An explanation about the evangelical survey World magazine did, regarding Ann Coulter's calling a 'sham'.

9 Things You Should Know About Orphans (Joe Carter) 

God calls us to defend the fatherless, care for those with no families, visit the orphans in distress. How are you doing with that?


Making Contentment My Estate (Mason King)

Where is my contentment found-- money, or the Lord who promises to always be there? Which do I want to pass on to my children?