Excellent Reads & Life Change

Women in Combat? (Denny Burk)

Men and women are different. Should their roles in wartime correspond to those differences? Obstacles have recently been removed that prevent women from going into combat. Are we ready for our daughters, wives, mothers to be in combat?

Should We Only Forgive Those Who Repent? (David Prince)

Do we forgive when the person who offended us refuses to repent? What if forgiveness doesn't go full circle?

Why Christians Must Speak Out Against Donald Trump on Muslims (Russell Moore)

Russell Moore takes a look at Donald Trump's remarks about blocking the border to all Muslims. The government has a God-given responsibility to protect the population and punish evildoers.The government cannot exalt itself as a lord over the conscience, a god over the soul.


Is There Any Difference Between Biblical Counseling and Christian psychology or Christian counseling? (John MacArthur, Wayne Mack)

Biblical counselor, Christian psychotherapist. Are they the same? If not, how do they differ, and why it is important to know.