Spurgeon on Why We must Continually Preach the Gospel (Tom Ascol)

Don't forget that "it is the gospel, and the gospel alone that changes the world."  That was Spurgeon's answer addressing the evils of his day. Is that applicable today?

Six Wrong Reasons to Check Your Phone in the Morning (Tony Reinke)

Are you facebook quick and God slow? Do you check your smart phone first thing in the morning? In this interview with John Piper, he suggests six motives that send us to our social media when we wake up in the morning. Do any of these fit you?

Biblical Theology and the Sexuality Crisis (Albert Mohler)

The morality revolution is taking place at an unprecedented velocity. As the church responds, she needs to think in terms of theology. This article gives an overview of 'biblical theology of the body' so evangelicals can give an appropriate  response to the current sexual crisis. 


OCD and the death of the christian (johnathon bowers)

For those plagued by OCD, is there any hope?