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Can Hipster Christianity Save Churches From the Decline?  from the Washington Post

Does the younger generation want 'cool' or 'real' in a church? Check out some thoughts by Brett McCracken in an article from the Washington Post. You may be surprised.

A Call to Teenagers to be Free from Desiring God

John Piper writes a 'call' to teenagers to be free. He begins with some interesting background on the word teenager, and some history of the 'teen' years prior to the word teenager being a word. Show this article to any teens you know!

The Bible And Same Sex Marriage: 6 Common But Mistaken Claims from the Gospel Coalition

There are some who claim the direction of the Bible takes them to the place where they accept the view of same sex marriage. Here are some sincere questions along with sincere answers.


Pride Is Your Greatest Problem by Josh Squires

Life Change Article: "Pride is a prison that perpetuates anger, hurt, and foolishness while keeping at bay the restorative effects of conviction, humility, and reconciliation."