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FAQ on Grand Jury Indictment of Filmakers Who Recorded Planned Parenthood

A grand jury in Texas issued an indictment to two undercover videographers (with the Center for Medical Progress) for filming undercover, meetings with Planned Parenthood regarding the sale of fetal body parts. Learn more from this article, prepared by Joe Carter (The Gospel Coalition)

How the Gospel Works (Jesse Johnson) 

A video from ten years ago, to support atheism,  is still making the rounds on the internet. The conclusion of the video states “If you are a normal, intelligent adult, three things are going to be obvious to you”: ... the third of which is "heaven is a fairy tale." Jesse Johnson gives a biblical perspective on how the gospel works, what to do if you want to go to heaven. 

Coming Elections: A Prayer and a Plea (Kevin DeYoung) 

Pray first. Then vote. And make sure those two things are connected. 



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