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The (Religious) Problem with American Politics (Bruce Ashford)

It's that time! Elections. Politics!  The list could go on and on with what's wrong with things the way they are. But what are we culpable for? 

The Top 50 Countries Where It’s Now Hardest To Be a Christian (CT) 

2015 exceeded 2014 as the world's worst year for persecution of Christian's. Is the worst yet to come? Learn more about the worse countries to be a Christian in during 2015 and what is predicted for 2016.

Why Daughters Need Their Dads (Kris Dolberry)

Father's, your daughter's need you! She tries harder, she has more confidence, she learns more rapidly. Written by a pediatrician, mother, author, founder of The Strong Parent Project.


Is Your Child a Christian? (Brian Croft)

Here are some signs to look for to determine your child's spiritual state.