Excellent Reads & Life Change

The True Story of Pain and Hope Behind “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day” (Justin Taylor) 

A historic, true, moving, hopeful, must read from the past that still 'rings' true today. On Christmas day, 1863, Longfellow—a 57-year-old widowed father of six children--wrote a poem seeking to capture the dynamic and dissonance in his own heart and the world he observes around him.

7 Reasons You Should Not Indulge in Pornography (Andrew David Naselli) 

Say NO to pornography by God’s grace. The burden in this article is to motivate you not to indulge in pornography. 

Are You Ready for Persecution? (Jordan Standridge) 

Believers who have suffered have become examples for us to follow. We must not be shocked when the world hates Christ and as a result hates us (John 15:18). Instead we must be ready for when persecution comes so that we can please our Savior with our obedience and heavenly mindedness.


Lay Aside the Weight of Selfish Preferences (Jon Bloom)

Selfishness is our "default orientation," and it is the root cause of our problems with others. What hope do we have of forsaking this?