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10 Book Every Christian Teenager Should Read (Tim Challies) 

Ten books for the 21-st century teen-aged readers that together will provide a foundation for the Christian (listed in no particular order.)

The U.S. Military, Transgenderism, and the Logic of Psychological Man (Carl R. Trueman) 

Transgenderism rests upon a metaphysics of personhood that will attempt to rewrite all of social reality as we know it We have now become whoever and whatever we happen to think we are, and the world needs to be remade in a manner that plays to our fantasies.

Stop Excommunicating Yourself from the Lord’s Supper (Josh Buice) 

Self-examination is demanded of God’s children, but this examination must accomplish its intended purpose which is repentance and unity that leads to the observance of the Lord’s Supper rather than self-excommunication.


3 Reasons Children Need to Obey Their Parents (Tim Challies)

Obedience is not a popular word these days, but the Bible says that children are to obey their parents. Read why.