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The Normal Battle with Bitterness (Eric Davis) 

How do you respond to real or perceived offense? Are you able to apply biblical principles? Or does it grow into hatred and bitterness? This article suggests several ways to deal with bitterness. 

What You Should Know About Zika (Joe Carter) 

We've heard a lot about the Zika virus. Why is there so much concern? Is there a vaccine? What is the threat to the Olympic Games? Learn more on this FAQ sheet.

To Your Daughter, Speak the Truth (Jen Wilkin)

Tell your daughter she is beautiful. Help her know your unconditional love for her. Let her know you offer compliments for the sheer joy of knowing her. 


In the Thick of the Struggle (Julie Ganschow)

Why do we continue to struggle with sin? (Rm 7:15) What leads us to return to actions we despise? Is there a path that leads to hope?