Excellent Reads & Life Change Resource


Evangelicals, The Voting Booth, and the Impact of D.C. Discipleship (Trevin Wax) 

A look at the results of polling on the Republican candidate support, between Trump, Rubio & Cruz in the South Carolina primary. You may be surprised by the outcome.

Death, the Prosperity Gospel and Me (Kate Bowler) 

A thought provoking reflection in the New York Times, of a person diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, trying to rationalize how that fits with the prosperity gospel. 

How to Slay the Dragon of Pornography (Ed Welch)

Why fight pornography? And how do we say no to pornography? Let's get the story straight, from God's perspective. You won't regret saying "no" to temptation. 


Dealing With Lust (Joseph Pipa, Jr.)

Lust. We're tempted by it every day in many ways. We know it's sin, so how do we deal with it?