Excellent Reads & Life Change

3 Ways The Gospel Changes Marriage (Erik Raymond) 

New leadership always brings change. When the gospel enters a marriage, there is a new leader. Jesus Christ. The marriage takes on qualities of the leader. Here are three ways the gospel can change your marriage. ‪ http://bit.ly/1pp4lxq

4 Essentials for Finishing Well (Crossway) 

Adapted from Jerry Bridges' chapter "Four Essentials for Finishing Well" in Stand: A Call for the Endurance of the Saints, edited by John Piper and Justin Taylor. There are probably many things that will help us finish strong, Jerry Bridges focuses on four fundamentals to persevere, not just endure, to the end.  

Take a Quiz on Christ (Tim Challies) 

How well do you know what the Bible teaches us about Jesus? Challies teamed up with Mark Jones, author of the new book Knowing Christ, to prepare a quiz that asks thirty questions about Jesus.


When A Child Says, "I Don't Know" (Julie Lowe)

"I don't know" is often the easy way out. How can we help our kids figure out what's really going on inside them?