Excellent Reads

Gender Non-Conformity  Running Roughshod over Parents' Rights (Carl Trueman)

A thoughtful letter written to his local school district regarding their consideration of transgenderism and school policy. 

5 Ways to Make It through a Difficult Season (gavin Ortlund) 

We go through 'seasons' in our lives, just as there are seasons in nature. How do we respond in the season of challenges, stress and difficulty? Here are some godly suggestions.

Keeping the Faith in a Faithless Age: The Church as a Moral Minority (Albert Mohler) 

While the church used to be the moral compass for America, it now appears America is turning towards a 'God is dead' society, and the church is a minority. How do we live in this new environment? Will we follow the authority of God, or submit to lesser gods? Some challenging thoughts.