Excellent Reads & Life Change Resource

Porch Preaching to Jehovah Witnesses (Joe Holland) 

One example of a response to a front door visit by Jehovah Witnesses. 

6 Questions About Physician-Assisted Death From an Objector (Ewan Goligher) 

A doctor asks six questions relating to physician assisted suicide. What are the ethics and obligations of a Dr. when a patient makes a request?

8 Points on Gender Identity from American College of Pediatricians (Justin Taylor) 

Facts, not ideology determine reality. Transgender-ism may seem confusing, but should children be allowed to see chemicals and surgical impersonation of the opposite sex as 'normal'? These professionals highlight some facts on sexuality. These facts are important as our culture navigates new territory for our children. Be informed, be involved.


When You Don't Want to Go to Church (Gaye Clark)

Crushed by grief? True healing, whatever your scars, isn't accomplished in isolation. Don't skip church, thinking you're better off by yourself.