Excellent Reads & Life Change

18 Things to Pray for Your Church (Jonathan Leeman) 

Paul prayed fervently for the church! How can you and I do that?  The first step is to start praying! Here are 18 tips that can help you cultivate a rich prayer life for the church. 

26 Political Theses for Your Consideration (Kim Riddlebarger) 

If you are not tired of 'political rants,' check out these 26 points that are good and logical arguments against some of the politically correct biases we hear daily. What do you think about some of these?

9 Things You Need to Know about Backpage.com and Sex Trafficking (Gaye Clark) 

Christians treasure young people. We must do what we can to help stop this evil activity. Being informed is the beginning of making change. It's hard to read, but needs to be read. And acted on.


The Insanity of 'Self-Care' (Marshall Segal)

Self care is a diversion, a distraction, but it's not redemption. It won't produce any real, lasting change. So what will help? What will result in real change?