Excellent Reads

Donald Trump’s Feud with Evangelical Russell Moore (Time) 

What have Donald Trump, potential GOP nominee, and Russell Moore, head of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention been fighting about? What does it reveal about evangelicals? 

Justice Department: Men Can Be Women Too (Joe Carter) 

Will the ability for gender to be determined by how one feels adversely affect the progress that has been made in fighting discrimination against women. Gender choice is more than a bathroom issue. What will be some long term ramifications of the 'gender identity' issue in our culture?

Restroom Laws and Jim Crow (Andrew T Walker) 

Jim Crow laws made arbitrary distinctions based on skin color. These distinctions were senseless and irrational. Can they really be compared to transgender/bathroom issues? Andrew Walker brings up some underlying, larger conflict that has to do with perceived gender.

Much of the conversation focuses on student safety, not surprisingly. Safety for children in public schools should be of the utmost concern—and that includes the safety of transgender students as well. But the latest developments have bigger repercussions that we also need to consider. We need to take a step back and look at what the White House guidelines signify about our culture.