Excellent Reads and Life Change

Submission is a Mark of Maturity (Stacy Reaoch)

How we respond to difficult decisions made by the leadership over us is a test of Christian maturity. Here are a few ways to move toward keeping a God-centered perspective on submission to authorities in our lives.

Are You Ashamed of Jesus? (Steven Kryger) 

While in Iraq, this writer noticed how Christians there displayed their faith despite the great dangers to their lives. He was challenged to consider how he demonstrated his inner belief outwardly. Here are 13 examples of how to display Jesus. Are you ashamed?  

Thank God for Sunday School Teachers (Clint Archer)

We are thankful for the men and women who teach our children. Fifty years from now our church will only be as mature and holy and doctrinally sound as the generation of servants and leaders and members who make up this local body.  Our teachers partner with parents with this responsibility.  Here are some thoughts to encourage you as a teacher. 


Laying the Gospel Over a Controlling Heart (Lee Lewis)

I like being in control, don't you? The problem with that is that the control of our lives belongs to Jesus. Here are some ideas for relinquishing that control to Him.