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7 Troubling Questions About Transgender Theories (Trevin Wax) 

Separating “gender identity” from “biological sex” leads to a number of unresolved questions. Here are seven issues that challenge the coherence of transgender theories. As Christians, we know God created male & female. Gender confusion is evidence we live in a fallen world. Understanding the issues can help us confront them with love and compassion. 

The Modern Man and His Fantasy World (Erik Raymond) 

This article includes several examples of men giving themselves to something they can see but is not real. With Christianity we give ourselves to something that we cannot see but is actually real. How is the fantasy world affecting the real world? This article is geared towards men, but there is application for all of us (including young people.) 

The Joys of Small Groups (Scott Hollingshead)

Small groups. It can be hard to go out in the evening. We may not have much in common with those in our group. We might hesitate to open up and share. The longer you belong to a small group the more you will see the 'family' aspect displayed. And you will find great joy despite what you may have seen as obstacles.