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5 Ways to Read the Bible for Personal Application (Joe Carter) 

Every day we become more like Jesus or less like Him. How do we apply the Bible to become more Christ-like? ‪

10 Ways to Grow Your Marriage While Having Young Kids (Gavin Ortlund) 

After our walk with Christ, nothing should take a higher priority in our life than cultivating intimacy and friendship with our spouse —not even being a parent. Here are some strategies we’ve reflected on that might be helpful to other young parents in a similar season of life.

Sharing the Gospel During Ramadan (John Klaasen) 

Ramadan marks the ninth month of the Muslim lunar calendar. It commemorates the month in which the Koran was first revealed to Mohammed and is the holiest month for Muslims. Learn more about the origins of Ramadan and get some suggestions on how to build intentional relationships with Muslims in your life.


The School of Waiting (Betsy Childs Howard)

"It is not good for a child to get everything he wants. In the same way, God's discipline through waiting is good for us and will lead to deeper peace and good fruits in our lives."