Excellent Reads & Life Change Resource

Tweet Your Testimony (Clint Archer)

Use short, sweet, TRUTHFUL tweets, to share God with others. God does the saving. 

The Toxic Lie of ‘Me Before You’ (Samuel Jones) 

"Me before You" starts out as a somewhat predictable romantic comedy. Where it goes wrong is when it fails to see human dignity is grounded in the Creator whose image we bear and whose image cannot be destroyed by even the worst physical trauma.

True Love Instructs, Corrects, and Warns (David Schrock) 

Seven points about loving one another through biblical admonition. Are we loving each other with a biblical definiton of 'love' at CCFW?


I Don't Wait Anymore (Grace Thornton - Grace For the Road)

True Love Waits. But what, exactly, is it waiting for? And is this what Jesus wants us to long for?