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Highlights of the Southern Baptist Convention (Baptist Press) 

It was a historic meeting at the Southern Baptist convention as they voted in a new president, tackled issues that related to race, and spent much time in prayer. David Roach posted a wrap-up.

10 Things You Should Know About Shame (Crossway) 

Do you feel burdened by shame? Let’s bring up the topic of shame, learn the truth, and become free from its dark grip.

Should Christians Support Gun Control? (Thomas S. Kidd) 

In light of the current mass shooting, there’s been lots of discussion about gun control and the Second Amendment.  Some thoughts by Thomas S. Kidd. What are your thoughts?


If You Have a Problem, Here's How You Change Your Focus (Julie Ganschow)

Is my response to problems to change the other people involved and my circumstances, or allow God to change me?