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Awkward Gospel Conversations (Jordan Strandridge) 

Do you avoid sharing the gospel because it feels so 'awkward' to do so? Here are five reasons why you should share the gospel anyway.

How Husbands Can Get Their Wives to Resent Them (Eric Davis) 

What are some ways a husband may tempt his wife to resent him? Here are some things to think about in relation to your own marriage.

How Wives Can Get Their Husbands to Resent Them  (Eric Davis)

Resentment is something that tempts all marriages at one point or another. It’s more common than we might think. Yesterday's post was on areas a husband may tempt his wife to resentment. Ladies, have you considered you may be causing your husband to resent you? Humbly read the list and see if there's area you need to change.


Three Priorities for Christian Parents (Tim Challies)

How can our children live lives that are pleasing to God? What priorities can parents help them set?