Excellent Reads & Life Change Article

Grandparents, We Need You (Ryan Higginbottom) 

Grandparents carry tremendous influence with their grandchildren. Here are some ways you can pray for your grandkids. No grandkids around you? There are children at CCFW you can 'borrow'.

Supreme Court Refuses to Defend Religious Liberty for Pharmacists in Washington State (Denny Burk) 

The fortunes of religious liberty are waning in our country right now. If the state can ignore the first amendment and coerce these Christians to violate their conscience, then the state can do anything.

The Sexual Revolution and the Witness of the Church (Al Mohler)  

As the church, we must awaken to our status as a moral minority and hold fast to the gospel we've been entrusted to proclaim.


Love Communicates (Lou Priolo)

Conflict between Christians is never fun or easy, but is it right to just shut down or leave in the middle before resolution is reached?