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A Spiritual Reality Check (Caleb Cangelosi) 

We hear about 'new reality', 'alternate reality'. What about 'real reality'? There is no better way to begin 2017 than by immersing ourselves again in this real reality and the responsibilities that flow out of it. 

What We Need to Learn from the Early Church (Tim Keller)

The first Christians were ridiculed, excluded from professionalism, persecuted and put to death. But in light of the enormous social costs of being a Christian in the first three centuries, why did anyone become a Christian? Why did Christianity grow so exponentially? What did Christianity offer that was so much greater than the costs? Hurtado and others have pointed out three things...

7 Ways Smartphones Can Enhance Your Spiritual Life (Joe Carter) 

In watching out for the pitfalls of technology we should not overlook the ways that smartphones can be useful for spiritual formation. Here, for instance, are seven ways you can use your smartphone to enhance your spiritual life.


Three Things to Thank Your Spouse For Today (Chris Brown)

Speaking words of gratitude to your spouse will bless your marriage!