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Report: Abortion Rate Hits All-Time Low (Baptist Press) 

The number of abortions is at an all time low. Good news! We still need to redouble our efforts to protect every human life.

9 Myths About Abortion Rights and Roe V. Wade (Kevin DeYoung) 

The moral and spiritual dimensions notwithstanding, there are a plenty of reasons to see Roe as a logical, legal, and political debacle. In his book Abuse of Discretion: The Inside Story of Roe v. Wade, Clarke Forsythe highlights a number of myths that led to the ruling in Roe—myths that, unfortunately, continue to be believed today.

An Open Letter to Women Considering Abortion (Jordan Standridge) 

The abortion industry is evil. And on top of that, despite its claims, it is anti-woman. It lies to you, and twists the truth either to satisfy its insatiable desire to take your money, or in self-deception thinks they are helping women because they believe these lies. Three big ones to be exact.