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Scientifically When Does Human Life Begin (Justin Taylor) 

Three distinguished and brilliant professors... have responded to the idea that there is no scientific consensus regarding the beginning of human life. They point out that “there have been countless scientific monographs and scholarly articles—in embryology, developmental biology, and genetics—explicitly affirming that a human being at the earliest stage of development comes to be at fertilization."

The Women’s March has a Doctrinal Statement (Denny Burk) 

In advance of the march, the organizers published a doctrinal statement titled “Unity Principles.” Anyone who departed from the doctrinal statement was not allowed to “partner” with the march. Here’s a snippet...

10 Things You Should Know About Sanctification (Sam Storms)  

We all hear a great deal about Christian sanctification, but what precisely is it, and how does it work? Today we look at ten things about this crucial biblical truth.