Excellent Reads & Life Change

For Lent, Give Up Lent (Jesse Johnson)

{LENT} some background and history of its meaning. Perhaps there's a better way to spiritually prepare for Easter?

Pursue God, Not Pornography (Message by Denny Burk)

A 36 minute message (AUDIO OR VIDEO) by Denny Burk, on pornography. "Pornography is such a pervasive evil. It is eviscerating our civilization and even our churches..."

Flipping Sides on Roe v Wade: Norma McCorvey’s Repentance (Clint Archer)

We watch TV shows about 'flipping' houses. Have you thought about 'flipping' sides in the issue of sin? Conviction comes through intervention of the Holy Spirit. Conviction and repentance came to Norma McCovey (Jane Roe).


The Practice of Being Alone Together (Robin Baker)

There's no getting away from it these days, but how is technology changing who we are as people?