Excellent Reads & Life Change

5 Reasons Why Christians Should Study History (Chris Behrz) 

Study history and learn to ask questions, seek (complicated) answers, feel empathy, and act prudently. But do all these things in humility, by the grace of the One whose power is made perfect in our weakness.

3 Questions to Consider Before You Share (Elizabeth Garn)

How we speak reflects how we love. And be assured, the world is listening. Before you share your opinion, whether online or in a conversation, here are three questions to consider...

What is the Benedict Option? (Wyatt Graham)

"The Benedict Option" is getting attention even before it's been released. What is it? The BenOpt is not a call to enter into a monastery but strategic retreat into Christian community. It’s a call to live in an intentional way to survive the oncoming cultural onslaught.