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The Unavoidable Messiness of Being Human Part 1 (Clint Archer)

A Pastor learned, from preaching on Lev. 15, being human can be messy. Today, and the following days, read about 3 messy realities so that you grasp how unavoidable your uncleanness is and how much you need a Savior to clean you. 

The Unavoidable Messiness of Being Human Part 2 (Clint Archer)

From Lev. 15: God made us messy and then calls us unclean because He wants us to long to be fixed. He designed us to constantly be aware that our leaky bodies are broken, malfunctioning, marred by the Fall, even when they are in “perfect health.”

The Unavoidable Messiness of Being Human Part 3 (Clint Archer)

Lev. 15: The reason God gave you a broken, leaky, smelly body is because he wants you to realize you need fixing, you need cleaning up, and that it only comes through Jesus Christ. Christ’s death on the cross is what makes us clean, and his resurrection from the dead started a process that brings about our resurrection to a glorified, perfect body.


A Short Primer on Depression (Lou Priolo)

Depression is an all too common problem with many causes. Priolo gives a clear overview of the issue. From link, choose "A Short Primer on Depression."