Excellent Reads & Life Change

China’s Horrific Admission (Joe Carter)  

China. Abortions. The magnitude of the crime is incomprehensible to the human imagination. Only God can truly fathom the depths of this depravity and only God can truly apprehend the magnitude of this loss.

5 Christian Clichés that Need to Die (Matt Smethurst)

We've probably all said them. Christian clichés. While the heart behind these five mantras is often genuine, they are all unhelpful for one overriding reason: they are unbiblical.

4 Thoughts on Persecution in America (Kevin DeYoung)

Persecution? if we faithfully follow Jesus in this world we all will face persecution at some point in our Christian discipleship. Even American Christians—if they are really Christians—will have crosses to carry.


4 Truths to Help People Frightened By the News (Dr. Jeff Forrey)

Worried by the news these days? Fearful of what life may hold? Dr. Forrey tells us that "inappropriate fear is momentary atheism that denies God's goodness, His ability, and His plan." What do you think?