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Generation Gap Regarding Morality (LIfeWay Research)

Our current generation tends to believe right & wrong are relative. The older generation believes right & wrong don't change. The generations are not on the same page when it comes to morality. What does that mean?


Sleep Disorders and the Glory of God (Eric Davis)

{A good night's sleep?} Do you or someone you know struggle with sleep? With sleeplessness comes unique suffering. Perhaps we could benefit if we brush up on both the struggles and glories of sleep disorders.


A Prayer for the Mom Who’s Worn (Christian Fox)

Motherhood is a gift. There are joyful days and days that wear you down.  If you are  tired and worn, this prayer is for you.


How to Talk With Someone About Sin (Edward T. Welch)

Why would we talk to someone about their sin? How should we do it?