Excellent Reads & Life Change

Yikes: Americans are Fond of the Bible, Don’t Actually Read It (Lifeway Research)

The stats may surprise you, or represent you. Although Americans have a positive view of the Bible, more than half of Americans have read little or none of the Bible.

Is the Enemy of My Enemy My Friend? (Albert Mohler)

In a time of cultural conflict, the enemy of our enemy may well be our friend. But, with eternity in view and the gospel at stake, the enemy of our enemy must not be confused to be a friend to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

“13 Reasons Why” is Deceptive and Destructive (Trevin Wax)

13 Reasons Why compounds a problem it is trying to fix, perhaps because it has no eternal solution to offer. For those who have entertained thoughts of suicide or who have friends who know the darkness of this despair, hope remains. But it will not be found on Netflix. Let's offer grace & hope.


When the Hard Conversation is Necessary (Pastor Kevin Carson)

How does ENCOURAGE relate to confrontation?