Excellent Reads & Life Change

Ever OK to Lie? Schindler and the Hebrew Wives (Clint Archer)

Lying, to save an innocent life? To save your own life? Is lying ever okay?

Expect More From Young Men (Jim Hamilton)

Let's help young men to have a godly vision for their lives. Let’s adjust our vision first, and then train our young men to realize their purpose and potential.

The Lesson That Saved My Marriage (Kendra Dahl)

Wives, when you hear teaching on husbands being all God called them to be, do you become critical? What do you do when you hear teaching of what God calls the wife to be?


Self-Examination Speaks a Thousand Lies (Jared Mellinger - desiringgod.org)

When does self-examination harm you rather than help you? How can the gospel keep us on the right track?