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9 Things You Should Know About Ramadan (Joe Carter)

Since there are 1.6 billion muslims in the world, Christians should understand some things about their faith. #ccfwreads http://bit.ly/2rdrO8U

How to Read the News Like a Christian (Scott Slayton)

We used to read or watch the news a couple of times a day. But now, we get a steady stream of headlines from social media. At every turn, a news headline that scares or angers you begs for your attention. How do Christians process the constant barrage of news and information at our fingertips?

Exhausted Mom, Lift Your Eyes (Stacy Reaoch)

Being a mom can be hard! How do we capture a vision for motherhood that inspires and encourages women in the various seasons of raising a family?


Psychology vs Bible (Randy Alcorn)

"Is man's fundamental problem ignorance of ourselves and our psychic injuries, or is it disobedience to and rebellion against our Creator and Judge?"