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4 Principles For the Exercise of Christian Liberty (Sinclair Ferguson)

In Romans 14:1–15:13 contains healthy (and very necessary) guidelines for the exercise of Christian liberty. Here are four of them.

Part One: The Number One Lie the World Tells Our Kids Today (Cameron Cole) 

We need to help young people understand that the way of Christ – to follow and trust Jesus as our King – contrasts starkly from the world’s exhortations to trust in your self. Christianity tells us to depend on God in all things.

Part Two: Attacking the Lie of Individualism with our Kids (Cameron Cole) 

How do we practically teach our children to recognize this fallacy of self-rule, and instead submit to the gracious leadership of God? Here are five strategies for going to war with the lie of individual autonomy.


Hey Parents, Camp Is Over...Now What? (Pastor Kevin Carson)

Your child is home from the spiritual high of summer camp. How can you help them continue that growth? Here are some great ideas for encouraging your children to grow in Christ.