Excellent Reads & Life Change

Seven Ways to Pray for Your Heart (Jon Bloom)

These are just suggestions for prayer. God may lead you to pray in other ways. But however He teaches us, whatever means we find helpful, may God cause us all to grow in faith until we pray without ceasing.

The Agonizing Ordeal of Eugene Peterson—You Might Be Next (Al Mohler)

The Eugene Peterson ordeal and lessons we can learn from it. 

Hope When Your Children Stray (Nick Batzig)

Pray for your prodigals. Think of the fact that the gospel is for rebellious prodigals whom God loves to welcome home with inexpressible joy.


Marriage Manifesto for Men (Ed Welch)

Manifesto - a statement that describes goals or intentions. Husbands, here are some thoughts on tuning up your manifesto for your marriage.