Excellent Reads & Life Change Resource

Here We Stand (Albert Mohler) 

Theological Reform. It began 500 years ago. Is it needed today? What do we stand on?

Here He Stood (John Piper) 

Here Luther stood, and here we stand. Not on the pronouncements of popes, or the decisions of councils, or the winds of popular opinion, but on “that word above all earthly powers” — the living and abiding word of God. 

The Proven Path to Mental Health (Jon Bloom) 

The proven path to our soundest mental health is a robust, holistic trust in everything and every circumstance, in the triune Christian God.


Does a Good God Want Me in a Bad Marriage? (Sabrina Beasley McDonald)

"Most marriages deal with miscommunication, financial disagreement, and selfish attitudes." The author encourages reconciliation in spite of these issues.