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Reformation: John Knox in 200 Words

Remembering the Reformation // John Knox // Knox’s fiery determination to stand with the gospel against human authority inspired his countrymen and left a lasting legacy of faithfulness.

Reformation 500: Can Roman Catholicism Be Considered Christianity? (Eric Davis) 

Was the Reformation really necessary? Were the Reformers merely a pack of spiritual naysayers looking to rain on Rome’s innocent parade? Were they not looking to take their ball and mitt to start their own game?

Is the Reformation Just a White Man’s Legacy? (Mika Edmonson) 

Historically speaking, the Protestant Reformation was a European movement, and its confessional documents will always be culturally European documents. But insofar as they reflect the enduring truth of God’s Word and a moment in the history of God’s people, the Protestant Reformation has something to say to every diverse culture.


5 Do's and Don'ts for Social Anxiety (Hayley Satrom)

Feel nervous, fearful,and physically tense around others? Maybe it's social anxiety. Are you stuck? No. Here are a few do's and don'ts to navigate the struggle.