Excellent Reads & Life Change Resource

4 Keys to Effective Debating (James Whilte/Clint Archer) 

If you want to debate effectively here are four key points to help you prepare. 

Don’t Be That Guy: 30 No’s in Paul’s Letters (Tony Reinke) 

Paul paints the contours of the Christian life with darkened shadows of opposites - teaching us what to be by warning us what not to be. In these juxtapositions we better understand the will of God for our lives, as we live out the power of Christ's death and resurrection on our behalf.

Two Things That Should Be Obvious (Kevin DeYoung) 

Let us never excuse what we should condemn - in others or in ourselves. Sin is ugly, and no less so when committed by beautiful or powerful people. Father, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.


Sexual Boundaries in Marriage (ACBC)

"It is biblical for Christians to celebrate sex within marriage." But are there any boundaries to be observed?