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9 Things You Should Know About Sexual Misconduct (Joe Carter) 

We have been hearing allegations of sexual misconduct. Here different forms are explained.   

Sexual Assault and the Scandal of Repentance (Trevin Wax) 

How should the church respond to the sexual offender? The church must be unflinching in its naming of sin. And yet the church must also not shrink back from the call to repentance.

What Does #MeToo Have to Do with You? (Laurie Nichols) 

#MeToo is a cry both to be known and to be known collectively. We are better together than we are apart. Those of us who have carried silent pain know what it’s like to finally be heard. Will you care enough to listen when someone shares their story?


Money Tips for a Successful Marriage - From a Successful Marriage (Cali Pitchel, withjoy.com)

Finances can be a tricky subject in marriage. Here's a list of wise financial ideas from a long-married couple.