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5 Ways Satan Seeks to Undermine Gospel Work Among Muslims (Randy Alcorn) 

Over the past 27 years, many Muslims have come to Christ. However, 98% are still living in deception. Let us stay on the alert and be aware of Satan’s schemes. Let’s pray for workers to take the good news to Muslims.

Who Watches Porn? 3 Key Predictors of Porn Use (Jay Stringer)

Sexual brokenness can lead to redemption. The journey to freedom begins through identifying the reasons that bring you to it and addressing them. Jay Stringer identifies three predictors of pornography  use he found in his study group of men and women.

9 Things You Should Know About the Winter Olympics (Joe Carter) 

 The 2018 Winter Olympic officially started in PyeongChang, South Korea. Do you know the history of the Winter Olympics? Read about the origin, the reviving, some interesting facts and more in this article by Joe Carter.