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Sing Your Heart Out at Church (Even if You Hate the Music) Brett McCracken

We may have different worship-style comfort zones, but we’re worshiping the same God. That’s why, whether we’re Presbyterian or Pentecostal, we shouldn’t let our worship preferences get in the way of our worship participation.

5 Things Singles Wish Married Couples Knew (Jennifer Grisham) 

Ask your single friends what being single means to them. Try to understand their experiences. Be a safe person to talk with. Married couples, love your single friends well. They’ll thank you for it.

9 Bible Verses for Depression to Shine Light into Darkness (Stephen Altrogge) 

There are scriptures for depression. These verses shine light into dark places, give hope to the hopeless, and allow the depressed person to have God’s perspective rather than their own dismal view.


This One Commitment Will Keep Your Marriage Together (Kevin Carson)

What is one thing you can do to keep your marriage from failing? (It might not be what you think.)