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Why is the Abortion Industry Run by Women? (Rebekah Merkle) 

We can’t debate our way out of this madness because self-destructive frenzy can only be dealt with by prayer and fasting. Rational arguments and reasoned discourse don’t work on insanity. But we can look to Christ who is certainly capable of taking us by the hand and lifting us up.

4 Things to Remember After You Have Sinned (Adriel Sanchez) 

If you have been tempted to believe that God is done with you because of your failures, consider your advocate, Jesus, who is praying for you and guides you with his pierced hands.

What I Learned on My Week Long Digital Fast (Kevin DeYoung) 

How would you do with a one week digital fast? A professor (and his family) decided to take the challenge with his students. Read the rules they followed and the results he experienced.