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Heaven Would Be Hell Without God (Randy Alcorn) 

Heaven without God would be like a honeymoon without a groom or a palace without a king. Teresa of Avila said, “Wherever God is, there is heaven.” The corollary: Wherever God is not, there is hell.


10 Biblical Principles for Marriages and Marriage Counseling (Bob Kellemen) 

Paul started teaching on marriage with gospel-centered principles of salvation, daily Christian living, and relationships when talking about marriage. These 10 principles lay out a gospel-centered foundation for marriages and marriage counseling.


Why Jake Locker Walked Away From Football—And Why He Doesn’t Miss It (Sports Illustrated) 

Four years after the Titans made him the eighth pick in the 2011 draft, Jake Locker quit the game and told his agent not to listen to any offers to return. It wasn’t his spotty performances or the recurring injuries that ended his desire to play—it was the growing realization that he wanted something else in life.