Excellent Reads & Life Change Resource

6.16.18: excellent reads are now linked through the online bulletin (GO TO THELOOP) and posted on the christ's church FB Page.

Why Believers Should Consider Advance Directives (Kathryn Butler)

Careful delineation of our wishes through an advance directive ensures that when life-threatening illness overwhelms us, the gospel remains central.#ccfwreads http://bit.ly/2l0bd4F

The Benefits to Going to Church on Vacation (Heidi Carlson)  

There are many reasons we don’t attend church while on vacation or traveling abroad. We wouldn’t know anyone at the church, so we might be uncomfortable and conspicuous. We might have to get up earlier than we’d like. There might be a language barrier. What about childcare? You don’t want to leave your kids with strangers! And, when we plan to take a break from our normal routine, we often include a break from church.

Jesus is not a Social Savior (Darrell B. Harrison)  

“As I continue to scan the landscape of Christian social justice activism, that is, social justice-labeled activities that are said to be carried out "in the name of" Christ, I've noticed many Christian activists have a tendency to proffer to the world an image of Jesus that is tantamount to that of a sanctified social worker, a holy humanitarian, an exalted egalitarian. “. DARRELL B. HARRISON