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Trends in Global Christianity (Lifeway Facts & Trends)

The stats project changes in Christianity around the world. Do the trends point to a future global church that is different from today's?


Open Letter to My Daughter About Her Body (Allison Burr) 

A mother writes a letter to her middle school daughter that is valuable for all women. For the sake of your heart and your soul, I want to share five truths to help anchor your identity in Christ and crystallize the purpose for which he created your body.


Get the Facts About Jack Phillips, the Cake Maker (John Stronestreet) 

You may think you have the facts from listening to the news. If you want to hear the real back story, check this out.


Instilling Gratitude in Your Family (Julie Lowe)

What hinders us from being grateful for what we have? And what can we do to cultivate gratitude in our homes?